Introducing my goldfish

All the fish have a male name although I don’t know if they are males! Is that silly?!

Kenzo has a black line on the tail fin
Yutaka has a black mark on the right side of his mouth and some black spots on the tail fin. It seems that his right cheek has to grow back, at the moment is a bit pink-red but it seen not to disturbing him.
Sayuri is of course black, his dorsal fin has a hump on the dorsal fin and also the right end side of his tail fin has a buckle.
Taiki has a bright orange color and very shiny scales. His left end tail fin has also a hump.
Keiko is the smallest of the group. His tail fin is very damaged but it seems not to disturb him so much. He eats very good and in my eyes he makes a very active impression. His body is cobby and short, his compleatly orange and has a nice form.
Shiro has very nice fins, he’s wen is very small the the moment.


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