New arrival

Last saturday I went in Thun to check they new arrivals. The shop has always very nice fishes and of course remarkable goldies. This time they had 2 very nice and cobby Pearlscales, 1 fat ryukin and of course nice the little guys.
I buyed 3 goldies: 1 gray-silver Oranda, 1 Shubukin and 1 Fantail.

Of course the need names and since I startet with japanese names, I will continue!
gray-siver Oranda is Misaki with means = the beautyfull because his is very handsom
shubukin name is Kaori witch means = the parfum because of the sprinkles
fantail name is Saburo with means = tree because his missing a fan

…love, Melanie!


… and this is what they eat, now!

Since I don’t know how much they ate at the Fish shop I am trying to make my best to find the right recipes for theme.
Keiko has at the moment a swollen belly so I believe I am doing something wrong, feeding to much, the wrong thing, the water value are not OK

May 30th: they received Artemia (defrost)
May 31th: JBL Gala morning and evening