Flower in my nano tank

Wunderschöne Blume in meine Nano.

Lovely flower in my nano.



…love, Melanie!

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Fukushima 1 year anniversary

Let not forget the thousand survivors of the Tsunami and the atomic meltdown in Japan. Let pray together for all them that still don’t have a home, the animals left behind and all the helping hands that still are working hard at the rebuilding.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. before

Tokyo Electric Power Co. tsunami-crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant’s reactor building number 3 photographed on March 11, 2012
Picture: REUTERS/Kyodo

Mika Hashikai, 37, mourns for her mother and father, victims of the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami, in Rikuzentakata, Iwate Prefecture
Picture: AP Photo/Itsuo Inouye

In this photo taken Friday, Aug. 19, 2011, Naoto Matsumura calls on cows in Tomioka town, Fukushima, northeastern Japan. Later, Matsumura, who routinely drives around the town to feed wandering animals, said he forgot to bring food for them. Nearly six months after Japan’s catastrophic earthquake and tsunami, the 53-year-old believes he is the only inhabitant left in this town sandwiched between the doomed Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power station to the north and another sprawling nuclear plant to the south. (AP Photo/Hiro Komae)

…love, Melanie!


Adele is doing god….

Adele has been purchesed last may in a nursery and styled as Kengai=kascade. More than a year has passed and Adele developed very well. The trunk is thicker and the foliage are bushier. Unforturately the wire left some bad scars on the bark. Hopfuly she will recover.



…love, Melanie!


DIY water turtle food

Since Gracie doesn’t eat pellets and other industrial food, I wondered if she will eat frozen-home-made-turtle-gel-food! Well the best way to find out is to try. So I search some info on the net and in books, I found some recipes but all of them had meat, egg and one recipe had also milk!!! Did you already see a turtle drink milk?
I feed my cats BARF since more than 10 years now and know how important it is for an animal’s living in captivity to have a balanced, wild equivalent kind of diet so I went to a big market store (in Switzerland is Migros) and searched for sea food.
We know that water turtle eat snails, little shrimps, earthworms, and insects. They eat seaweed and other algae or similar sump vegetation. So for me was clear that in this recipe I will not include any kind of meat, eggs, milk and no other weird food for a water turtle.
I went home with some ingredients and here is my fist DIY turtle food.
– sardines in olive oil
– sepia (calamari) in olive oil
– mussels
– shrimps
– ExoTerra de-shelled snails
– wakame algae
– romana lettuce
– gelatin in foil form
– sera reptile Carnivor, grinded
– Exo Terra Calcium + D3
– comestible red color
– water, grinder, kitchen supplies
Wash the sardines, sepia, mussels, shrimps to eliminate the excess of salt an oil.
Soak the wakame algae (you can find these comestible algae in any Asia shop), chop 3-4 leaves of romana salad.
Soak 4 gelatin foils in 300ml warm water. If you have gelatin in powder, use enough for ca. 500 ml of liquid.
When the gelatin has liquefied, pour the water in a grinder with ca. 300 gr. sea food (sardines, sepia, mussels, shrimps) and the choped romana lettuce. Grind.
Add the wakame alge without water. Grind
Add Exo Terra Calcium + D3, I added 3 scoop for 500 ml of food. Unfortunately I didn’t find useful information about this product. I will look after it. Grind
Add 50gr. sera reptile Carnivor previously grinded. Grind (I have it, way tow it away!)
Add the comestible red color to the paste, enough to bring the hole to a nice red color. Red animates turtle to eat. Grind
Now you are finished with the grinder. Add the snails as they are and pack the paste in a flat cellophane bag, I used 2, and let it cool down.
Put the hole in the freezer.
The next day you can break a piece and give it as it is to the carnivore or/and omnivore turtle.
Gracie loves this new DIY mix and I am happy that I know exactly what is in this gel.
I am not so pleased with the storage solution; they must be a better way to prepare portion big enough for small turtles. I have to check out the calcium+phosphor ration and I may add more greens for the next batch.
Anyhow I find it really easy to do and all the ingredients can be found in all big grocery stores. If you tray this out let me know, I will be pleased to hear from other turtle lovers.
…love, Melanie!

Neu plants

Last friday I went to Zürich and visited a friend. On my way I passed by the  Gartencenter Zulauf in Schinznach-Dorf with is the biggest bonsai nursery in Switzerland that I know and purchased two plants: a shohin ulmus parviflora and a pre-bonsai podocarpus  for Fr. 38.- each. Hopfully they are worth the money.

Saturday I whent to my trusted aquarium vendor and I passed by another garden center. Blumenmarkt Dietricht in Gampelen is huge however the sales forces are very frendly and helpfull. I was searching for a cotoneaster which I anways wanted to own since I started with bonsai. To my disapointment I find out that cotonaster are prohibited in Switerzland sind 2002. Wikipedia can tell you more.

Hier meine neuen Pflanzen:
Berta (pinus mugo „Grüne Welle“)


Barbara (chamaecyparis obtusa „Nana Gracilis“)

Britney (juniperus chinensis „Stricta“ )

Betty (podocarpus macrophyllus)


Bree (ulmus parviflora)


What do you think? Leave me a comment if you wish.


…love, Melanie!