Edible Bonsai?

If you are in Tokio between March 11-16, you like Bonsai, you like cookies and you love Art, then you may visit “The edible art of Risa Hirai” at the Gallery Tokio Humanite.


…. love, Melanie!

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Kokufu Ten 2013

Amazing shots of the Kokufu Ten 2013. Now I am Fan of Jonas to.

Bonsai Eejit

May last offering from this years Kokufu Ten, this time courtesy of Jonas who has kindly shared his shots with me. Jonas is Chemistry Student in Japan but hopes to take up a bonsai apprenticeship this year at one of the leading Bonsai Nurseries in Japan. You can check out Jonas’s Blog here: Katsuraleaf Bonsai 

Enjoy the Gallery

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Organize Bonsai Art magazines

It’s still very cold outside and we still have snow. I can’t do Bonsai with such weather instead I decided to reorganize my Bonsai Art magazines. Not too long ago I was able to purchase almost all issue from 1 to 99, for the new ones I subscribed to the magazine and some other I will order online during this year.

There were some open questions to check out:
“How to organize them?”
“Should I organize them electronic to?”

First I had them organized by number, also from 1 to 99 (+ the others), in each box 12 issue, then I realized that it wasn’t practical when I have to search an issue. Considering that I will read them all, I thought it will be more effective to have them organized by release month: January/February in one box, March/April in one other and so on.

And here is the result:

organize magazines


I still don’t know if I will organize them electronically, like a online databank. I will come back to this maybe later.

Have a nice day