Casual friday: let’s look at some pots!

When you work with bonsai you also inevitably have to deal with pots. Last week I look up for potterys and find some very interesting ceramic artist.
Here some of they work.
Grégory Delattre is a real artist living it the romantic France. Check out his videos.

ScreenShot140 ScreenShot141 ScreenShot142 ScreenShot143
Horst Heinzlreiter from Austria. An artist…let’s say from the classic pot makers, but yet innovative.

ScreenShot147 ScreenShot148 ScreenShot150 ScreenShot151
Rolf Hitz from Switzerland. Well living in the same country like me, I have to buy some of his pots.

ScreenShot152 ScreenShot153 ScreenShot154 ScreenShot155

Have a nice friday

…love, Melanie!

6 thoughts on “Casual friday: let’s look at some pots!

  1. I like all of them 🙂 Although however boring this may sound I prefer more plain pots since the don’t detract from the tree. My vote on switzerland!

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