That’s one of the points that occidental always complain about. Rules tells that… this and that….has to be….!! NO, it doesn’t have to be like that, and this concept is really not easy to explain.
Thank you Morten for this wonderfull post

….love, Melanie

Shohin Bonsai Europe - Morten Albek

We are still clinging to the bonsai rules thing. When we do not cope with the artistic freedom or maybe are afraid of failing, we can always say we did what we did, because the rules told us to do so. But the frightening truth is, there are no rules in bonsai. There may be some restrictions regarding exhibit areas on a exhibition, how tall a tree going into the shohin category have to be e.g., but generally speaking THERE ARE NO RULES.

A common belief concerning shohin-bonsai displays is that the display has to be with a odd number of trees; when counting elements, dead items do not count in (scrolls), – and even at the latest  exhibition I took part in a judge disqualified a display because of the use of an even number of trees. Say what?

I have therefore borrowed a few photos from the…

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