casual friday: Little Hunterman

The Little Hunterman

I discovered this little guy thank to Facebook and fell in love. Not only because Little Hunterman is a Parson Russel Terrier like our Kim, but also because the similarity to my own dog. He has such a refreshing art of telling stories. He has a rubber duck as buddy, loves to snooze on his pillows, he behaves exaclty like a dog does and his just hilarious.

 Xmas tree

Hope you find him as funny and entertaining as I do.

…love, Melanie!

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Charge your iPhone with a Bonsai

droppedImageIn the current issue of Bonsai-Art I saw this little gadget and thought to myself what a wonderful idea.  This little Bonsai is 40cm in height and has 27 photovoltaic panels that charge the solar energy in a battery hidden in the base (or should I say pot?). Once charged, this accumulator feeds a USB port. Isn’t that nice to have a Bonsai that can charge your cell phone?
This little Bonsai has been created by Vivien Muller and you can find more information on the electree site.

What do you think?

… love, Melanie!!!

Sweet little stuff

I am following lots of japanese themed blog at the moment and some of theme review or blog about japanese item witch are not so easy to find in Switzerland.
Like every girl I love small little things, and Japan is famose for this kind of stuff. Furtunatly for me one of them wrote about egg-shaper that can be purchased at Tschibo.
It happens that Tschibo has also stores in my city, so the next day I buyed some of those little-sweet-egg-beautification-stuff!

Tschibo Egg stuff

…. love, Melanie!