New arrival

Last saturday I went in Thun to check they new arrivals. The shop has always very nice fishes and of course remarkable goldies. This time they had 2 very nice and cobby Pearlscales, 1 fat ryukin and of course nice the little guys.
I buyed 3 goldies: 1 gray-silver Oranda, 1 Shubukin and 1 Fantail.

Of course the need names and since I startet with japanese names, I will continue!
gray-siver Oranda is Misaki with means = the beautyfull because his is very handsom
shubukin name is Kaori witch means = the parfum because of the sprinkles
fantail name is Saburo with means = tree because his missing a fan

…love, Melanie!


… and this is what they eat, now!

Since I don’t know how much they ate at the Fish shop I am trying to make my best to find the right recipes for theme.
Keiko has at the moment a swollen belly so I believe I am doing something wrong, feeding to much, the wrong thing, the water value are not OK

May 30th: they received Artemia (defrost)
May 31th: JBL Gala morning and evening

Introducing my goldfish

All the fish have a male name although I don’t know if they are males! Is that silly?!

Kenzo has a black line on the tail fin
Yutaka has a black mark on the right side of his mouth and some black spots on the tail fin. It seems that his right cheek has to grow back, at the moment is a bit pink-red but it seen not to disturbing him.
Sayuri is of course black, his dorsal fin has a hump on the dorsal fin and also the right end side of his tail fin has a buckle.
Taiki has a bright orange color and very shiny scales. His left end tail fin has also a hump.
Keiko is the smallest of the group. His tail fin is very damaged but it seems not to disturb him so much. He eats very good and in my eyes he makes a very active impression. His body is cobby and short, his compleatly orange and has a nice form.
Shiro has very nice fins, he’s wen is very small the the moment.

My goldies

In my 180 liter tank 100x50x40cm I keep 6 goldfish

The impulse to keep goldfish as pet was came by reading a book about the Japanese culture. They were, together with Chinese, the fist to keep goldfish in the house as a pet. At the time it was more a decoration rather than pet keeping, this because the fish were in more cases in small ceramic vase so the contrast to the white ceramic emphasise the red color of the fish. These days is not the rule but you can still find such keeping in Japan.

So I decided to give my fish Japanese names.
– 2 Pearlscale Yutaka, Kenzo
– 1 black moor Sayuri
– 1 ryukin Taiki
– 1 redcap Keiko
– 1 oranda Shiro

Deutsch wird… english!

I have already a blog in German but the biggest problem is the grammar witch it is very difficult. So in order to learn the most about English I decided to write this blog in English although I am aware that my English grammar is not so god either, but practise and help on the net will surely help me improve.

My theme are: my goldfish tank which has been arranged on the 1st of May 2010. In order to maintain the blog interesting I will alternate the themes, for example with Japanese items, my other pets and Bonsai! This girl is writing about Bonsai? Yes!

So I hope you will enjoy this blog.

…love, Melanie!