Casual friday: Dogs are always fun!

No matter what kind of dog, no matter how big or how old. A dog is always fun!!

Kim nose

Kim is up to something

…love, Melanie!


Deutsch wird… english!

I have already a blog in German but the biggest problem is the grammar witch it is very difficult. So in order to learn the most about English I decided to write this blog in English although I am aware that my English grammar is not so god either, but practise and help on the net will surely help me improve.

My theme are: my goldfish tank which has been arranged on the 1st of May 2010. In order to maintain the blog interesting I will alternate the themes, for example with Japanese items, my other pets and Bonsai! This girl is writing about Bonsai? Yes!

So I hope you will enjoy this blog.

…love, Melanie!