The Return Of The King

This are the kind of story’s that make the difference between Japanese and Western Bonsai in my personal opinion.
So, there’s two options to archive this storys: you have enought money to purchase one of this really old trees, or you start now and give the tree to the next generations… which will be in fifty years!!!

…love, Melanie!!

Peter Tea Bonsai

The Return Of The King

The beast“Zuiou” 1996 Kokufu prize winner, Japanese Black Pine

A few months ago I was fortunate enough to work on this large Japanese Black Pine.  The work wasn’t major and involved thinning and pulling needles; standard stuff for Black Pines in the Winter.  Just getting a chance to work on this tree was an amazing feeling for me because it tied my past bonsai career to my ending apprenticeship.  What surprised me when I learned the history of this tree is how it has been around so many people who has influenced my bonsai work in the past and present.  So close to me but unknown by me.  In This post, I’m going to share with you the history of this Japanese Black Pine and some close up photos of the tree that makes it world-class.

The Beginning

Bonsai started for me in 2004 when I…

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