Here comes the sun

Last saturday we had snow! Again! But yesterday was really nice, mild and just lovely!
And I did’nt eat a pizza since…. let’s say ages!!

The Pizzeria da Nino in the Eigerplatz is really sublime. Thin dow, delicoius tomato sauce, not to big , just right!





Casual friday: let’s look at some pots!

When you work with bonsai you also inevitably have to deal with pots. Last week I look up for potterys and find some very interesting ceramic artist.
Here some of they work.
Grégory Delattre is a real artist living it the romantic France. Check out his videos.

ScreenShot140 ScreenShot141 ScreenShot142 ScreenShot143
Horst Heinzlreiter from Austria. An artist…let’s say from the classic pot makers, but yet innovative.

ScreenShot147 ScreenShot148 ScreenShot150 ScreenShot151
Rolf Hitz from Switzerland. Well living in the same country like me, I have to buy some of his pots.

ScreenShot152 ScreenShot153 ScreenShot154 ScreenShot155

Have a nice friday

…love, Melanie!

My first Kusamono

Ok, I don’t have a clue how to cultivate Kusamono’s but they always fascinate me. The sweet little pots contain this delicate tiny flowers, the freshness they transmit, the youth and grace they possess, although after all, it’s only weed!
I decided to give it a tray and transplant some of the weed (Japanese = kusa) that I have in the garden in small pots. The pots are really nothing special and I am looking forward to purchase some new one on the next Bonsai workshop in the upcoming months.
Back to the topic: my biggest concern was the soil. Should I use Akadama? Or Keto will be better? Or maybe just the same soil from the garden? Well, I don’t know I used all three and will figure out how the Kusamonos will progress.
What do you think? Can you give me any advice?



…love, Melanie!

Japan is definitely not just sushi!!

I find this wonderfull video on vimeo. Is just a dream. Hope you like it like I did.

From Japan with Love (and Dashi)

About this video
“The first video in Season 3 of The Perennial Plate. This short film combines two weeks of eating and traveling in Japan into three minutes. Enjoy! Shot on Canon 5d Mark iii w/ EF 24-70 f/2.8L and 70-200 f/2.8L Created by: In partnership with Intrepid Travel: Filmed and edited by: Daniel Klein ( ) Mirra Fine ( Music by: Lullatone and OMODAKA”

…love, Melanie!