Shohin workshop enthusiasm – part one

Love shohin, so seeet, so small, so vulnerable, so precious

Shohin Bonsai Europe - Morten Albek


The past weekend November 23 and 24 I teached at a Shohin-bonsai workshop at the Bonsaiwerkstatt in Düsseldorf, Germany.  9 dedicated Shohin enthusiasts took part with great enthusiasm and very fine quality shohin and pre-bonsai. A lot of good stuff to work with, and with friendly people and concentrated work we made some really good future trees, small adjustments at already established trees, and some promising longer termed projects too. Some trees imported from the well known Koju-en and Tomohiro Masumi in Japan, including also high standard pots.

The Bonsaiwerkstatt is run by Werner Busch for now 30 years!, and is a well organized and relaxed place to be. The workshop facilities are very good, and located at a nice spot in an older part of the city. A very beautiful city by the way, absolutely worth a visit too. The mood was relaxed but still the students all worked…

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